Pittsburgh Folk Festival Returns in 2010

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Pittsburgh Folk Festival returns May 14, 15 and 16, 2010! This long-running cultural event will be held at the Monroeville Convention Center, just outside Pittsburgh. More details coming soon. http://www.pghfolkfest.org


~ by pghfolkfest on September 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pittsburgh Folk Festival Returns in 2010”

  1. I hope that the 2010 Folk Festival will be successful at it’s new location. Easy parking and fresh location is a plus!

  2. Dear Pittsburgh Folk Festival!

    I am glad to write you. I am Elena Mushnikova – music director of Russian folk group DrevA. Now we prepare our music tour 2010. My group DrevA (Russia, Moscow) would be happy to participate in your folk festival in 2010 or other different music events. You can visit to our page:


    where you can listen our music in mp3, see demo VIDEO (3 parts) and photos, bio…

    I want to hope that our music will be interesting for your festival!

    Our group has wide experience of concerts in Europe.

    We can have performance on different places: music clubs, music hall,
    open-air stages, churches, theatre stages, street performances,
    restaurants… Our program very flexible and group has the big repertoir:
    songs, music, folklore games with spectators…

    The group also has the program for children and can work in children’s
    establishments. We have an operational experience with foreign children.
    If performance passes in the street programs can be mixed, both for adult
    public and for children.

    In 2005 СD of our group it has been included and it is recommended the
    American directory ” Basics World Music ” (Richard O. Nidel) in which from
    Russia 13 executors have been submitted only.

    We send you some information about our group:

    Group “DrevA” performs the songs from the different parts of Russia:
    Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh, Briansk regions, Cossak songs from Don and
    Kuban regions.

    Repertoire of the group includes ritual, lingering, dance,
    drinking-songs, old country games and tradition instrumental music.

    The actors perform in the genuine costumes, play tradition instruments
    such as: balalaika, violin, Russian accordion, wind-instruments
    (caluka, cugikla), tambourine, drum, scythe …

    If need we can send you our demo video DVD, CD and other information…

    Folk group “DrevA” participated in different European Festivals for
    the last years:

    – (in Finland)
    40 Kaustinen Folk Festival (Kaustinen),2007;
    Concerts in Kerava (March 2009);
    – (in Sweden)
    “International music festival” (Kristianstadt), (15-18 June 2006);
    Concert in Hjortnas (Leksand), (24 June 2006 );
    “Krokstrand folk festival”, (24-25 June 2008);
    “Korro folk festival”, (26 June 2008)
    – (in Switzerland)
    Buskers Bern Festival (Bern), (5-7 August 2004);
    Neuchatel buskers Festival (Neuchatel), (9-15 August 2004);
    Murten Festrilax (Murten), (8 August 2004);
    Cemmeriboden music festival (Schangnau),(22-23 August 2008);
    Concert in Ligniere ( 24 August 2008);
    Luzern streetmusic festival (Luzern), (26-31 August 2008);
    Festival d’Art de Rue (Sion), (5-6 June 2009);
    – (in Spain)
    Viladecans Al Carrer (Barselona), (1-4 July 2004);
    – (in England)
    The New Inn (Pub) (Buckingham), (10 June 2005);
    Bath Fringe Festival (Bath), (4-6 June 2005);
    – (in Croatia)
    Zagreb Folk Festival (Zagreb), (20-24 July 2005);
    Zagreb Street music festival (Zagreb), (2-8 June 2008);

    – (in The Netherlands)
    Concert in church ( Lutterbroek), (14 June, 2009);
    Dansfestival Burgum (Burgum), (16-21 June 2009);
    Concert in church (Oosterleek), (3 August 2008);
    – (in Belgium)
    “Paulusfeesten” (Oostende), (10-11 August 2006);
    – (in Austria)
    Concert in folk club (Feddlersgreen) (8 August 2008)
    – (in Germany)
    “Folklorefest” (Krefeld), (19-21 August 2005);
    “TFF Rudolstadt” (Rudolstadt), (7-8 July 2006);
    – (in Macedonia)
    Second International Street Festival (Skopje), 2007;
    – (in Denmark)
    Uldum Streetmusic Festival (Uldum), (2 July 2005);
    “Nakkefestival” (Rorvik), (19-22 July 2006);
    – (in France)
    Festival International de Musique Universitaire (FIMU), (BELFORT), (2007, 29-31 May 2009);
    Folklores du Monde in Alenson (Alenson), (8-14 July 2009);
    – (in Serbia)
    International Street Festival (Novi Sad), 2007;
    – (in Poland)
    Concerts on celebration in Gniezno (10-11 May, 2008)
    Oktawa Podlaska kultur Folk festival (Bealystok)(22-28 July,2009);
    – (in Italy)
    “Ferrara buskers Festival” (Ferrara), (21-30 August 2004);
    “Teramo Street Animation Festival” (Teramo), (4-9 July 2005);
    Ischia Cinema Festival (Napoly), (10 July 2005);
    “Santa Sofia buskers Festival” (Santa Sofia), (13-15 August 2005);
    “Martisana in Piazza Festival” (Milano), (2-10 September 2005);
    Concert Torino folk club (Torino), (1 December 2005);
    Concert Trieste Slovenski Kulturni Dom (Trieste), (6 December 2005);
    Concert Gavardo theatre festival (Gavardo), (7 December 2005);
    “Artisti in Piazza” (Pennabilli), (1-4 June 2006);
    “Val Tidone competition” (Val Tidone), (5 June 2006);
    “Colmurano Buskers Festival – Festival Artistrada” (Colmurano), (13-16
    July 2006);
    “La Ghironda – Artisti perivicoli” (Monopoli), (27-30 July 2006);
    “Musicastrada” (Terricciola), (4 August 2006);
    “Spirit of Woodstock festival” (Coiromonte, Novara), (6-7 August
    “Orvieto folk festival” (Orvieto), (18-20 August 2006);
    Veregra street music festival (Montegranaro), (22-23 June 2007);
    “Roccomontepiano in strada festival” (13 August 2008);
    “Chietti in strada” (Chietti), (14-16 August 2008);
    “Catolica street festival (Catolica), (17 August 2008)

    Songs of group sound on various radio stations:
    A Ultima Fronteira, Radio Onda Nada (SPAIN);
    Un Emision Radio (SPAIN);
    BBC Shropshire, (ENGLAND);
    Radio Gets Wild (ENGLAND);
    Womr Radio (USA);
    Radio WTJU-FM (USA);
    WCVF-FM Radio (USA);
    Yle Radio (Finland);
    Jarvick Radio (Finland);
    Kaustinen TV (Finland);
    Radio Highway61 (Italy);
    Zagreb TV (Croatia);
    Bleu Radio (France);
    KDVS Radio (USA);

    I will wait your answer very much! We are ready to answer to any your question.

    Best wishes,

    Elena – music director of “DrevA”

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